The Zonesty Process

  • Significant savings
  • Honest, easy-to-compare rates
  • Reputable retail electricity providers
  • A simple, 3-step process
  • No costly, hidden, broker commissions
  • Execute a contract in less than 10 minutes
What Our Clients Say

Howard Hill, Chief Appraiser RBH AMC NFLP

I am extremely happy with my rate. It beats my old rate by over 25%! When shopping for a new provider, no one could come close to the rate Zonesty offered me. My hat is off to you and your firm.

J. Duncan, Houston

Zonesty helped me find a much lower electricity rate per kWh for my residence, saving me potentially up to $7200 per year!

Scott Ivy, Duncanville, Texas

Zonesty saved me 40% on electricity expenses for my home. I wish I would have known about the service sooner. I recommend it to anyone interested in saving money.

D.S.O, Houston, Texas

The Zonesty website was convenient and easy to use for shopping for my residential electricity provider options. I was able to lock in a much lower rate for the next 3 years, saving me hundreds of dollars.

John Deboben, Deboben Properties

Thanks to Zonesty, we are spending 39% less on electricity for our Houston office building. This will save us approximately $50,000 per year! By subtracting broker commissions and using Zonesty’s reputable providers, we dramatically reduced our overhead expenses and improved our bottom line.

Steven Press, GC3 Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

Zonesty helped save 20% on my company’s electric bill. The process was quick and easy without the hassle of broker appointments or phone calls. I’m pleased that this service is available for small businesses.


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What is Zonesty?
How can it help you?

We give you the power. Honestly. You’ve probably guessed that our main priority is to provide you an HONEST look at electricity rates for your home or business, and you’re right! But what about the Z?

ZENITH (superior, ultimate)

Zonesty offers the zenith of energy services. Zonesty has eliminated the middleman and provides all the information you need to compare, choose, and contract for the best electricity plan for your home or business. There are no costly broker commissions and no hidden fees. Zonesty offers honest, easily comparable rates from reputable retail electricity providers.

ZEST (energy, gusto, commitment)

Who says selecting an electricity provider has to be a hassle? Zonesty is committed to making the electricity selection simple, efficient, and maybe even a little fun. We’re passionate about giving you the power, and making it easy and affordable.

ZEAL (enthusiastic, prompt)

At Zonesty, we truly love our jobs—and it shows in our responsive, friendly service. You’ll never get bogged down in endless emails. Our knowledgeable energy specialists are always available to provide the answers and solutions you need.